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Reports - The Digital Dashboard

Track and analyze through our digital dashboard

Each day, we track and analyze your community through a client-accessible digital dashboard. This daily tracking allows us to quantify the response per medium and estimate the cost per lead and cost per sale. Other key elements of the Digital Dashboard include cost per registration, visits per campaign, registrations per campaign, visits per day and registrations per day.

Not only is this critically important information, but it is also what separates the successful projects from all the rest. Don’t leave your sales and marketing to chance. Driving new sales prospects to your front door can be a challenge; but it's a challenge that gives N5R a clear advantage.

Details of the Digital Dashboard

We give you:

  • Total number of visits to the website in this campaign
  • Total number of unique URL visits in this campaign
  • Total number of registrations in this campaign
  • Average cost per lead and cost per registration across all initiatives in a campaign
  • Overview of online marketing initiatives and performance ?(including the performance of individual Pay-Per-Click key words)
  • Total and average performance of all mass emails that have been sent out (including number sent, delivered, opened and clicked-through)
  • Almost every page on the Dashboard allows the numbers to be presented for any date range
  • Simply select the date range on the left hand side and the numbers will automatically update
  • It’s not enough to rely on impressions, customer feedback and second hand information. To see the true measure of your advertising and marketing efforts, you need to look at validated statistics, which show all the details – both good and bad. From this point of view, you can make more informed decisions.


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