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Social Media

What is social media and how can it help me sell condominium real estate?

We’re passionate about social media marketing and we believe in its power and effectiveness over traditional media because it works for us. We’re using the latest tools to create, measure and maintain social media campaigns for our clients. We’ve seen the results firsthand. We’re excited and our clients are excited too.

Social Media is one of the best tools for marketing to targeted audiences with your desired demographics such as age, interests and location. Every day we hear from people who are skeptical about the power of social media. They wonder: Does it work? Can I afford it? How time consuming is it?If you’re not convinced that social media will work for you, consider this: Your customers are already using social media.

3 of the world’s most popular brands online are Facebook, YouTube & Wikipedia. 22% of the world’s time is spent online. 75% of global consumers who go online use social network or blog sites. 66% more time is spent communicating and networking across social networks, blogs, personal email and instant messaging by the average online visitor than a year ago.

Social Media services are far more affordable than traditional media. Content can be seen by thousands of visitors the very same day it is created. With so many different social media websites, just about every imaginable niche interest is covered one way or another (social news sites, bookmarking sites, general networking sites and more).
Successful social media campaigns increase the number of inbound links you receive. The links that result from social media success can get new information you post ranking within search engines almost immediately


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