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"The campaign was an example of intelligent e-commerce. We're very optimistic about the long-term value of this form of marketing. Our goal was to create awareness of the product and to understand the customer that much better. This is a great mechanism for that. We've always listened to our customers through traditional response marketing, but the Internet lets us do it at incredible speeds."

Jim Ritchie, Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Tridel

Jim Ritchie
Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Tridel

"Roman (N5R.com CEO) is a true sales and marketing visionary. We love working with him."

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump
Trump Organization

Peter Brough, Partner, Managing Director, CO-OP

Peter Brough
Partner, Managing Director, CO-OP

"Roman (N5R.COM CEO) came to Australia to spend a week with our sales and marketing team. Our sales have been consistently 30% higher ever since and we are now working with him on new projects to do the same"

John Meagher, 360 Property Group

John Meagher
360 property Group

Rajiv Gupla, CEO, Wave Group

Rajiv Gupla
CEO, Wave Group

"Just been looking at our numbers recently and wanted to relay what a success it has been working with you guys on Wellington. When I looked back, you were able to generate 41 in less than 72 hours when we launched and the quality was strong as well as we booked 9 appointments immediately with 6 of those converting to sales. I've been doing online lead generation in my real estate business for years, and I'm super impressed with lead flow and quality and cannot thank you enough for setting up the game so that we are guaranteed to win! We are getting excellent lead flow for our grand opening now, and expect to sell a lot of units next weekend, thank you to you and your staff again for all you are doing."

Nevin Hollet, Gibraltar Development Limited

Nevin Hollet
Gibraltar Development Limited

"N5R lead by the passionate and visionary founder Roman Bodnarchuk have profoundly and positively changed the way we now sell and market all real estate at Wave. As the largest developer and land owner in India we are extremely happy we made the wise investment in bringing Roman and his team to India and engaged them for an exclusive assignment to sell and market one of the worlds first Smart Ciites, Wave City Center."

Mr. Rajendra Kumar Panpalia

Mr. Rajendra Kumar Panpalia
Managing Director, Wave Group

Sharad Sharma, Wave Group

Sharad Sharma
VP Sales, Wave Group

"We has the great pleasure of working with Roman and his team on all of our condo projects from California to Florida. We grew our revenue from several million annually to $1 billion in that time period alone. It was truly magic when he helped our team sell $1million a minute in one day that sold 367 condos in 90 minutes."

Chip Conk, Montecito

Chip Conk
Montecito Property Company

C.J. Singh, Senior President of Sales and Marketing, Wave Group

C.J. Singh
Senior President Sales and Marketing, Wave Group

"The one day meeting with him was more valuable than getting an MBA in real estate development. One month after our meeting in Toronto Roman and his incredibly talented team came to India and won the exclusive contract to sell and market the Worlds First Smart City, Wave City Center."

Mr. Manpreet Singh Chadha

Mr. Manpreet Singh Chadha
Vice Chairman, Wave Group

Anya Switzer, Co-Op

Anya Switzer
Partner, Director of Operations, Western Canada

James Loftus, Co-op

James Loftus
Partner/VP, Strategic Communications, Western Canada

"Our week with Roman was a game-changer for our business. Combined with the implementation of HubSpot, Roman has completely changed the operations of our sales and marketing teams for the better. He will be a friend and mentor of the Connekt business for many years to come"

Carly Aherne, Connekt

Carly Aherne
Marketing Manager, Connekt

"Roman has given us the confidence to believe in a structured and formal game plan from beginning to end of the product mix, design, marketing and sales delivery. Our projects are successful when we execute a process proven time and time again to deliver result."

Georgie Taarnby, Connekt

Georgie Taarnby
Project Consultant, Connekt

"There are lots of business coaches and mentors out there who very eloquently put forward their ideas however it was so refreshing to spend time with Roman who is so passionate about what he does and gets his message across is such a simple and effective way. The big difference with Roman is that he shares what he actually does. It’s not just theory it’s what he has successfully developed and used in his own hugely successful business. So excited to be able to implement his strategies and looking forward to our business and people reaping the rewards."

Georgie Taarnby, Connekt

Ian Horne
Project Manager, Connekt

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience Roman’s presentation and workshop. His involvement of all participants through “role playing” and using real life experiences as comparisons was extremely relatable. I found the whole experience a “breath of fresh air” and really gave me the confidence to excel in my roll and expand on what I thought I was previously capable of, to what I now believe I am capable of through Roman’s goal setting strategies."

Lisa Vallely, Connekt

Lisa Vallely
Client Experience Manager, Connekt

"Everything that was discussed with Roman was nothing more than basic common sense. But he has structured his methods in a way that is measurable and creates immediate results. His attitude of “No Excuses” has resinated with me as we are in an industry where we have many people to blame, but if we are proactive in our approach, nothing else can get in the way."

Kent Williams, Connekt

Kent Williams
Sales Manager, Connekt

"Roman is a positive, no nonsense, no excuses individual. I was immediately eager to absorb as much information and insight and tricks of the trade to further enhance my professional development and to also become more efficient and effective in my work life. He was engaging, thoughtful and obviously very current in sales and project management techniques to lift productivity and achieve specific goals. I highly recommend to get in touch with Roman to make yourself accountable and to achieve a clearer sense of process through his clever yet simplistic mantra and software."

Alex Minicozzi, Connekt

Alex Minicozzi
Project Consultant, Connekt

"I would like to thank you for opening more doors in our business in a very short stay in Adelaide. There is a “buzz” in the office that appears to be growing each day from everyone. We look forward to your next visit to enlighten us on more positive programs."

Craig Angel, Connekt

Craig Angel
Property Consultant, Connekt

"I believe Roman’s training and his advice is very influential. Roman’s approach is not only focussed on communication but also utilising social media to spread the word. I am starting to use his advice when I talk to prospective buyers. It appears to me that this approach is unique and I will be utilising it in the day-to-day sales environment."

Jiayan Zhang, Connekt

Jiayan Zhang
Project Consultant, Connekt

"Our four days with Roman were brilliant and he is very inspirational. Connekt now has a renewed focus and it will be great to be part of such a successful team."

Paula Angel, Connekt

Paula Angel
Office Manager, Connekt

"Roman (N5R.COM CEO) Has a rare ability to simplify the mystery of big ticket sales and marketing in these incredible times of technological change. He helped me succeed using online marketing in my own business"

Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy International

"I started working with Roman (N5R.COM CEO) and his team 13 years ago. They were an extremely important part of our sucess. Our company was recently sold to Oracle for almost $1 billion."

Mark Organ, Eloqua

Mark Organ

As Web Envisioneer with Club Intrawest, Intrawest's vacation ownership division, I am responsible for the online marketing and initiatives of our business units. I was first introduced to N5R.com and President, Roman Bondarchuk three years ago. Since that time we have maintained a very positive industry relationship. In the Autumn of 2003 we engaged N5R.com to assist us with an online contest promoting the launch of our new Club location in Blue Mountain, Ontario. The resulting campaign "See You at Blue," launched in mid-December and to date has been a very successful initiative. In the planning, preparation and launch of this campaign we were pleased with the quality of work, dedication and commitment by the N5R team. We found the N5R team to be a very progressive and creative agency, eager to attain an in-depth knowledge of our business and delivering results that not only meet our objectives, but exceed them.

Craig Oliver, Club Intrawest

Craig Oliver
Web Envisioneer, Club Intrawest


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