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Costa Rica: Condos In Heaven On Earth

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 07:02 AM


N5R.com is excited to present a short film about one of its projects in Costa Rica. Welcome back to heaven on Earth, where you find many of the happiest and longest living people, and buyers from around the world who want to experience a beautiful life.

  • In just under six minutes, get the scoop on why Costa Rica is not just a wonderful place to live
  • It represents a wonderful property investment opportunity thanks to developers who are careful not to ruin its natural beauty.

At 1:10 – How do property taxes in Costa Rica compare to what you would usually expect? The answer will shock you. And the business benefits don't stop there.

At 2:15 – Hear why Ontario developers are an ideal fit for Costa Rica.

At 3:15 – See the beautiful community that's been planned, and its amenities and pricing.

At 4:50 – Testimonials from happy customers.

N5R.com is always pleased to work with mindful developers who create sustainable projects. A happy future for people everywhere will no doubt involve multi-family developments instead of single-family homes, and the lower the environmental footprint, the better.

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N5R's goal is to help innovative real estate developers accelerate the world's transition from single family homes to more efficient and sustainable multi-family residences with a full range of powerful and proven sales and marketing strategies powered by technology.
"There are lots of business coaches and mentors out there who very eloquently put forward their ideas however it was so refreshing to spend time with Roman who is so passionate about what he does and gets his message across is such a simple and effective way. The big difference with Roman is that he shares what he actually does. It’s not just theory it’s what he has successfully developed and used in his own hugely successful business. So excited to be able to implement his strategies and looking forward to our business and people reaping the rewards." - Ian Horne, General Manager Projects

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