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Study Shows Longer Tweets Get More Clicks

If you’re seeking higher click-throughs on the links shared in your tweets, a recent study from Dan Zarrella at Hubspot will help access how you may be able to up these numbers.

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Canada has the best reputation in the entire world!

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How to Add QR Codes to your Marketing Strategy

A Google search for “QR code” is all it takes to find many websites you can go to generate your own QR code. Below you’ll find some useful links to help you build your first QR code.
Kaywa: QR code generator is the most effortless way to generate a QR code. Choose your preference, enter the content you want, specify size and click “Generate.” Save the code or grab the HTML to embed it online.
iCandy: helps you track scans and you can even view analytics on generated QR codes. Additionally, you have the ability to print codes through partner services.
Stickybits : (my personal favourite!) makes it easy to create stickers for your codes, as well as inspire collective content creation from people who scan your codes. This one has it all.
Apps that can scan codes are available for most smartphones. Search your app store for “barcode reader,” or “QR code scanner,” and you’ll find several to choose from.
Really the only limit you have as to where to use QR codes, is your imagination. So run wild!
  • Business cards: Generate a barcode that directs scanners to your online resume, small business Facebook Page or your website to help new contacts find you or your business faster.
  • Marketing materials: Add QR codes to send viewers to a particular how-to video, send them to a Flickr account, get them to follow you on Twitter, or point them to a landing page that promotes a new campaign.
  • Storefront windows: Generate your own QR code to place in your window. You can use this code to get Foursquare check-ins, point scanners to your Yelp profile, or invite customers to share memories in photo, video or text form via Stickybits.
  • For freebies: Everybody loves free! Why not reward your customers with 10% off their next purchase? Give them something small to thank them for their business. Create a custom QR code for the freebie you want to offer. You could even get creative and hide the QR code offers online, like on your Facebook page or website, or somewhere inside your store.
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4 Simple Steps to Creating a Million-Dollar Idea

Sounds too good to be true, right? You might be surprised! Author Tim Ferris walks us through 4 simple steps that every budding business owners can use to come up with a potential money-making machine!

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Why I Love TED Talks

Initially discovered in one of my university courses, TED Talks have continued to capture my attention.

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Use these 7 Easy Tips to Boost your Marketing Strategy

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5 wrong stereotypes to avoid in social media

Find out ways on how to overpass the main wrong ideas about social media to understand how you should use and adapted to your business to the social media.

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Facebook Reveals Major Updates at F8 Conference

The social network has been keeping busy in the lead-up to f8, its annual developer conference. In the past few weeks, the company has revamped Friend Listsadded a real-time ticker, launched changes to News Feed and rolled out a Subscribe button for following anybody’s public updates.

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HubSpot's "34 Awesome Twitter Ideas for Engaging Your Prospects"

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Google+ Stretches its reach to Everyone

It's official! Google+ is now available to everyone! A variety of new improvements have been released (thus moving from field to beta status) and among these is an internal Search field. Let's talk about some new and exciting features to Google+.

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2 New Marketing Tools You Should be Using

Another great article from HubSpot updates the online world on the most up-to-date news of the week, and teaches we as readers and marketers, how we can better cater to our potential leads. Karen Rubin talks about Facebook's widely-publicized launch of the Subscribe button and Twitter's announcement of Twitter Analytics. Let's talk.

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Social Media Statistics 2011

Our good friend Eric Qualman, the Socialnomics author who has made a name for himself by creating short, entertaining videos jam-packed with social media statistics, is at it again. His original video, the "Social Media Revolution", now has 2.8 million views.

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4 Reasons to picture yourself in Granite Harbour!

On the shores of Georgian Bay and catering to the 55+ retiree set, Granite Harbour, one of our newest waterfront developments will treat you to a variety of amenities to choose from that will have you asking yourself what to do first! So why's it so great? Let us count the ways!

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Top 5 Elements Every Website Must Have

Are you a small business or organization just getting your presence started on the web? Or do you already have a website and can’t figure out why your visitor traffic is lacking? In either case, here are a couple of essential components that you will need to include in your website to ensure a more pleasant user experience for your audience.

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10 Marketing Facts Which Will Open Your Eyes!

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Top Headlines in Social Media, Tech & Business

Facebook Launches Subscribe Button

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Become a Guru with Mobile iOS Devices

From How to Design App Icons for iPhone and iPad written by Jake Rocheleau.

Mobile iOS devices have seen some tremendous growth over the 2010 period. The iPad is by far one of the most wanted devices. It’s the newest and shiniest technology that made us rediscover new ways to browse the web, communicate with friends and just have fun. iPad changed the user, but it’s also an incredible resource for developers.

With the growing sales of iPads and the popular iPhone releases, Apple has had tremendous growth. Not only in these two markets but all iPod Touch devices are also running iOS which can access the App Store.

It is important to learn how to design icons for iOS devices. There are many sizes and scales which require careful attention to detail and focus. iOS designers are required to submit an icon with their app into the store during publishing.

The process may be time consuming but the rewards are outstanding and provide a true sense of empowerment.

iOS App Development

The main process for designing an app for iOS requires two bits. The frontend design concept requires a branding or icon design to fit in the Apple App Store. Designers are also required to craft UI wireframe concepts for each screen of the mobile app.

Developers then enter XCode and spend hours working with views and libraries to produce a fantastic final result. Combining the graphics and programming can produce amazing applications to stand the test of time.

Designers do not often consider how much work is put into development of a mobile application. The style is different with Android-powered devices where Google hosts an open platform for any and all to build on. The iOS App store is much more exclusive and also offers the greatest chance of reaping a small profit.

Graphics Split on iPhone/iPad

Each icon has a specific size which is used for a certain purpose. The large amount of devices currently running iOS means designers must be on their toes to incorporate a keen icon set with each mobile app.

The iPhone doesn’t have many icon size variations. The official app icon which rests on one of your users’ home screens is 57 pixels length and width. The iPhone 4 supports higher resolution settings so it’s optional to include a 114 pixel icon, though not required.

The largest size necessary of an icon is 512 x 512 pixels. This is a fairly large graphic which is displayed throughout the App Store and when browsing apps in Cover Mode. When opening Photoshop to design a new icon it’s always recommended to start at 512 and scale your way down.

Spotlight search supports slightly smaller sizes for icons. 29×29 may seem downright puny but when you’re viewing the search results screen it’s a fairly intuitive interface. The iPhone 4 similarly supports a Spotlight Search icon refined to 58 x 58 pixels for the higher resolution screens.

The application icon is slightly larger this time around. The app store and cover flow sizes are still the same with an increase in our spotlight search dimensions. The iPad boasts a fairly large tablet touchscreen so icons can fit nicely.

The 29px version previous mentioned can be re-used for iPad as a settings icon. If you create a settings page within the iOS general functionality it will display a small icon next to your tab. This can be nice to allow users to change themes, include different accounts/usernames, and also fiddle with smaller options regarding your app.

Basic Icon Rules

The App Store only accepts applications which offer PNG files for icons. For many detailed reasons PNGs are able to hold deeper colors while not requiring much hard drive space.

You may also notice that icons from the app store have a gloss over their exterior. This is an effect added at runtime and shouldn’t be added into your actual icon. There is a Boolean switch which any app developer can use to turn the glossy icon effect on or off. However most icons benefit from the effect when done properly, so it’s best to leave this setting alone.

The iOS platform also applies rounded corners to icons in most screens. When designing your icon set be sure to keep all corners flat at 90 degrees for a perfect square. This is very important because Apple will add the rounded corner effects for your icons by default. If you apply this beforehand your graphics may publish improperly.

UI Tips & Design Kits

Icon designers should also shy away from using transparency in designs. This is reflected poorly when apps get published to the store since iOS has a difficult time rendering areas from an icon as transparent. If you’d like some inspiration check out our best iPhone apps for web designers.



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New Economy, New Rules - It's not the market, it's your marketing

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Facebook Ads - Who Clicks on them?

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