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How To Turn Your Real Estate Business Into A "Growth Machine"

Want To Turn Your Real Estate Business Into A Growth Machine That Easily and Predictably Attracts More Clients, Investors, Buyers, and Profits?

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Topics: investors, real estate, buyers

Harvard's Must-Know Stats For Mastering Lead Response Calls

For over 16 years, and definitely for the lifetime of this blog, I have been driving home the importance of phone calls, being persistent with leads, and making sure your future condo buyers don't forget you.

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Topics: calls, lead response, numbers

Testimonial: Expert Sales Video Production With A Personal Touch

One of N5R's key areas of expertise is sales video production. N5R works throughout the world of real estate, and beyond, adding a personal touch to every sales video to represent each client in the best way.

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Topics: Video, sales video, personal touch

How Phone Calls Still Rule A Mobile World

Today, consumers across the US have more powerful computers in their pockets than whole corporations had five or six years ago. We use our pocket-sized computers to click, swipe, search, play... the old phone call functionality almost seems like an afterthought. The funny thing is, phone calls still rule a world of smartphones.

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Stay Relevant In The US Condo Market With Inbound Sales

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