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We are Excited to Announce our New Client: The Residence at Muskoka Wharf

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TODAY'S the DAY! Muskoka Wharf Launch Event!

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5 wrong stereotypes to avoid in social media

Find out ways on how to overpass the main wrong ideas about social media to understand how you should use and adapted to your business to the social media.

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Five Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies

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Social Media Marketing Challenges - 2011

Social Media Marketing Challenges - 2011
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How to attract readers and keep them as followers

Here are 7 easy steps to catch the attention of readers and keep in touch with them, to increase your visibility and credibility on social media.

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Women Control Buying Decision in Real Estate

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Facebook Is Developing a Photo Sharing iPhone App


Facebook is reportedly developing a photo-sharing app on top of its social graph.

Tech blog TechCrunch reported Wednesday that it had obtained 50MB of images and documents that outline the app. The blog didn’t say how it had obtained the information.

“…The best way to think about it appears to be Path meets Instagram meets Color meets (Path’s new side project) With — with a few cool twists,” says the post.

Launching a photo-sharing app would be a logical move for Facebook, which according to an extrapolation of its own photo upload data has the largest photo collection on the web.

As of now, however, the app is unconfirmed. When asked about the app, a Facebook spokesperson said, “Facebook doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation.”


via Mashable


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Google's Chromebooks now Available in Stores

The first Chromebooks are now available for purchase.

Devices from Acer and Samsung are currently available via Best Buy and Amazon.com in the U.S. and at various online retailers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The Chromebooks run Chrome OS and are optimized for the web.

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Don't miss the new CondoOutlet.com TV Show tonight at Midnight!

Tonight you will learn about breathtaking properties and see how CondoOutlet.com integrates exclusive buying and selling strategies that provide buyers with up to 50%* savings on commissions and sellers with selling strategies such as state of the art virtual tours, virtual staging, and world-class websites.

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5 Facts Before Lunch - The Reach of Social Media

It's evident that the evolution of social media has a clear impact on marketing. Here are some fun facts before lunch!

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CondoOutlet.com The TV Show World Premiere

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AISystems Announces Strategic Arrangement With Major Social Media Company

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