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The Condo Where Upgrades Are Standard

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Feb 02, 2016 @ 14:02 PM


N5R.com is excited to present a video produced for Plaza Developers about a stunning project in Toronto called Ivory on Adelaide. It starts with a quick rundown of other successful Plaza developments in Toronto, and twenty seconds later, you're introduced to Ivory on Adelaide. It's just under six minutes and worth every second.
At 0:28 – The St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, an excellent location, so much in walking distance.

At 1:40 – There's just one thing this neighbourhood lacks, which will drive demand for Ivory and make it a brilliant investment. See what that is.

At 2:10 – This is an actual view from Ivory, absolutely wonderful.

At 2:29 – So how about the building? A look at the architecture, and standard amenities that would be considered upgrades anywhere else.

At 4:08 – What does the demand in the neighbourhood mean for the pricing of this project?

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"I really enjoyed our sessions with Roman. He’s certainly made me rethink the way I go about my sales role and I look forward to challenging my existing methods to produce better results in the future." - Charlie Gibbings, Project Consultant

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