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Top 6 Reasons to stay in riverpark

Posted by Maisha Khan on Thu, Oct 28, 2021 @ 12:10 PM

Top 6 Reasons to stay in River Park


With the world recovering from the current pandemic, people all around the world are packing bags to enjoy the outdoors and bathe in the sun. This has caused the pricing of hotels and resorts to jack up their prices, causing you to rethink the vacation that you have been planning. RIVERPARK is offering you the same 5-star resort experience starting at price as lower as $169, where you get to spend your vacation at one of their tasteful architecture and designed villas at the heart of Santa Ana, San Jose.

Here are the top reasons why you should book your staycation today:


  1. Bigger at a lower price – A conventional hotel room is about 330 square feet whereas Riverpark is offering their 1620 square feet luxurious villa at 8 times lower cost. You will be getting the same 5 star gated resort experience at price as low as $169/night.
  2. Beautiful panoramic view – The large wall-to-floor windows and the modern balcony of each of the villas at Riverpark will have you waking up to the majestic view of the Costa Rican Mountain range with the gushing sound of the river that flows right next to the resort.
  3. Dirty laundry! Not an issue anymore – Imagine staining the perfect outfit that you have planned for a dinner date in the crimson sunset of Santa Ana; if you are staying at a hotel you would have to pay an additional cost to get out outfit cleaned. On top of that, you will not receive the cleaned outfit on the same day as well. Each River Park villas comes with a in-house washer, dryer, and a laundry tub; solving your problem with no additional cost being charged.                                                                                     IMG_2264                                                                           
  4. 5-star amenities – River Park offers you all the amenities that you require to make your vacation more enjoyable. Their utterly stagnant Olympic swimming pool is accompanied by a heated recreation pool, and 2 relaxing Jacuzzis. The paved walking trail extends to 1km and also in the resort, there is a cafeteria, restaurant that offers room service, a tennis court, and a children's play area.
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  5. Workout with a view – The glass-covered modern gym at River Park looks into the scenic views of Santa Ana, where you can finish your day working out while enjoying the spectacular crimson sunset on the green mountain range.
  6. Never miss an event – Each luxury villas in River Park has a board where event details with QR codes on them are hung so that you are always updated on the multicultural and fun events taking place around you.
  7. Cook a homely dinner- The majority of people love to cook a meal for their loved ones when they are at their most euphoric state and Rive Park villas have a fully equipped modern kitchen and a large dining space that can seat as many as 8 people.

In conclusion, if you want to spend a terrific holiday in Costa Rica book your reservations at River Park today, to enjoy more at less.


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