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Smooth Rock Falls Provides an additional Round of Incentives to Live in their Town - Globe and Mail

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Nov 24, 2017 @ 13:11 PM

When the local paper mill closed near Smooth Rock Falls, its population fell more than 1100. So town officials looked at it as a challenge to launch a campaign to build new homes and bring new residents in, at bargain basement prices.


Low cost lots and low building fees were just the start of a big incentive strategy. The town's management knew the municipality offered a very low cost of living. That's something sure to attract retirees from across Southern Ontario and beyond.

In fact, inquiries have come from across the globe. Interest was so strong that available land was quickly sold out. They decided to offer up an additional set of lots with the same incentives as before. It's something you need to see for yourself and get in on before locals buy them all up.

The opportunity to own a home here in Smooth Rock Falls is not insignificant. The freedom, lower COL, and healthy environment offering recreation and more free time, is something residents cherish.

The 1st incentive program has lead to 15 new homes being built, and they will be state of the art, steel framed, energy efficient homes. That kind of quality gives you more reason to move to Smooth Rock Falls ON, located about an hour away from Shania Twain's old hometown of Timmins.

The Globe and Mail covered the new announcement:


Discover more about why Smooth Rock Falls is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any Toronto area resident and how beautiful these homes are. Maybe you'll be saying goodbye to your costly old house and moving north!


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