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In The Heart Of Muskoka, The World's Best Vacation Destination: The Rossington

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Jul 12, 2016 @ 11:07 AM


N5R.com is pleased to present a four minute film it produced about one of its projects in Rosseau, Ontario called The Rossington.

  • This investment property sits in the heart of Muskoka
  • Muskoka is the world's best vacation destination according to National Geographic Magazine
  • Enjoy the montage of views from the surrounding area, The Rossington exterior, and what awaits the visitor inside
  • This is just the place a renter from Toronto heading to Muskoka would want, and that's what makes it a brilliant property investment

At 2:13 – It's not only families who go to Muskoka. Hear who else could be interested in renting at The Rossington.

At 2:33 – What can The Rossington offer that its competitors can't, and in a more fun environment?

At 3:14 – You don't need a plane to visit The Rossington if you're from Toronto. Hear how close it is.

Want the whole story on N5R.com, Roman Bodnarchuk, and condo mastery? Give us a call. Before you do, it would save you a lot of time to read The Million Dollar Minute which is currently available on Amazon. Click the testimonial below to get it.

Download the Million Dollar Minute

Or are you actually interested in The Rossington itself? In that case, click the preview image below. Of course, getting the book and investing in The Rossington aren't mutually exclusive!

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