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Expert: AI to be part of 2017 growth

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Top Digital Trends for Home Builders in 2017. Part 2

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Top Digital Trends for Home Builders in 2017. Part 1


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Digital Marketing Tip: Take Advantage of Local Facebook Ads!

Digital Marketing Tip: Take Advantage of Local Facebook Ads!

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Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2015

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2015

Creating a human experience online

While digital marketing has always been about focusing on your target audience, now it's more important than ever before. Both Google and Facebook have been pushing organizations to focus on user experience, such as engaging with customers online and creating relevant content, rather than being promotional.

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Why "Spray and Pray" Marketing No Longer Works

I constantly see condo developers making the same old mistake: using one brand statement to try and reach a vast array of different people. In the old marketing days we called that tactic "Spray and Pray" because it involved blanketing everyone with the same message, then hoping and praying it would stick to somebody. There may have been a time when that was the best you could do, but that era is definitely over and the project marketing world is better for it. One size has never fit all, and you will rarely find a product that appeals to all people in exactly the same way. The new age of Digital Marketing provides the tools you need to appeal to different people in optimal ways. Here are the facts.
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Innovative Marketing Lessons: Attracting Prospects

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Innovative Marketing Lessons: Selling Appliances Online

The Challenge

Years ago, when it came to retailing appliance, Sears was king. They were by far the largest appliance retailer in Canada and they had no problem dominating their competition. They had their marketing down and their overall sales showed it. The problem was that their Internet sales weren’t performing at the same rate. It wasn’t that hard to believe. Appliances are a major purchase for most consumers. It’s a buying decision that consumers want to take their time with. They want to shop around and see what their purchase looks like in person. That’s why they came to N5R for help.  Sears needed a marketing campaign that would boost their online sales and show customers how easy buying an appliance online can be.

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Always-On Marketing: A new Approach To Condo Sales And Marketing

There’s a new type of condo marketing on the horizon and it flies in the face of many of today’s traditional marketing philosophies. It’s a step away from the fully planned out rigid marketing campaigns that many major brands swear by. Instead, this is marketing that moves at a faster pace—marketing that has the flexibility to change and adapt at a moments notice. It’s always-on marketing and it is becoming the new norm.

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Social Media Statistics 2011

Our good friend Eric Qualman, the Socialnomics author who has made a name for himself by creating short, entertaining videos jam-packed with social media statistics, is at it again. His original video, the "Social Media Revolution", now has 2.8 million views.

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