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The 4 Pillars of Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is one of the most technologically mature ways to communicate on the internet. Over the years, email project marketing methods have shifted in the same way as marketing in general. Gone are the days of spray-and-pray mass messages to strangers, most of whom will just delete the message or mark it as spam. If you're a project sales expert or running a project sales agency, you need to know the methods that have been developed to turn prospects into leads, to keep leads engaged or increasingly interested, and to convert those leads into real estate or condo project sales. These are the 4 Pillars of Effective Email Marketing Campaigns.
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Inbound Marketing and Technology Blog Tips

Posted by Jason Kosarek :

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Topics: internet marketing, inbound marketing, condo marketing, marketing trends, email marketing

Email Algebra – The Top 7 Must Know Email Marketing Metrics

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Topics: email marketing campaigns, email metrics, email marketing metrics, email algebra, deliver rate, conversion rate, retention rate, subscriber retention, email marketing

Top 5 Marketing Rules To Create the Best Email Newsletter

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The Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid With Email Marketing


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5 Email Marketing Tips to Convert Nonresponders

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Topics: email marketing, social media marketing, Nonresponders, Engage Subscribers

5 Email and Social Marketing Tips To Increase Your Sales in 2013

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11 Clever Ways for Marketers to Reconvert Their Leads

This article was written by Hubspots very own, Pamela Vaughan 

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33 Examples of Dynamic Tags to Personalize Your Email Sends

This article was written by Hubspots very own, Pamela Vaughan

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