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5 Social Selling Skills To Master Social Media Sales

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Why You Need To Add Sales Leads On Social Media

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4 Reasons Why it is Crucial to Add your Prospect on Social Media

Just after your first interaction with your prospect is it critical to add them on all forms of social media. At this point you are still fresh in their minds, so it won’t come across as bothersome, and it will give them a chance to further explore your business. It is through social media that you can express personality, successes and other updates.


Add them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The opportunities that arise from social media are potentially limitless. Marketing through social media can be a very powerful tool. The more people you connect with and the more times you post you drive up your chances of connecting with new leads. Keeping on top of your social media campaign can help you gain followers leads and brand advocates. You are aiming for the most exposure possible and in turn it will increase your website traffic.

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B2B Facebook Ad Targeting in 2016


With the advent of social media comes more nuanced ad targeting than ever before. Imagine that every time all your different condo buyers went to the same mall, or went for a walk, they didn't all see the same bus shelter ads or billboards—imagine whatever you saw in these ad spaces is what only that one person sees. An ad just for them, but not their your mailbox or inbox, out there where they're doing your usual thing. That mall, that street, it's called social media and all your customers go there, whether they're real estate investors, condo buyers, new home buyers, anybody. Most of us may be on the same Facebook, for example, but each person's Facebook shows them something different. You can make that work for your sales team. Here are three steps to take when forming your condo social marketing strategy in 2016.

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Don't Let Negativity Ruin Your 2016

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Sales Strategy 2016: Effective Social Media Updates


If you sell real estate, condos, new homes or apartments today and you want to stay in business tomorrow, you're interested in an effective social selling strategy. Social media is where your customers are living and breathing. Here are two expert tips for being more effective at social media updates, followed by their benefits:

Stay Active. Post To Social Media Every Single Day.

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Social Selling and Marketing In 2016


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How Internet Marketing Worked

Every once in a while it's fun to reminisce about how marketing used to be. Remember how internet marketing was before the time of social media?When you basically had newsgroups, chat rooms, webpages and email to work with. There wasn't even Google for research purposes. I worked on a team with Lou Pearlman and proved that, with the right organization, we could make internet marketing work. A lot has changed, but the basic four principles are the same: use the latest available technology, create a database, create relevant communication, and build brands. You could apply that to condo project marketing or real estate project sales today. Let's review how I applied these principles back in the day, to a then-new group of guys who had yet to sell an album.
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5 Core Ideas for Project Marketing On Social Media

Today I will introduce you to a cutting-edge inbound marketing system. Whether you are looking for condo project sales, real estate project sales, or hand-made soap sales, the future of project marketing lies in social media. If you only have the most basic understanding of how social media advertising works, then competitors could leave you behind. Read on and understand the five core ideas for running successful marketing campaigns on social media.

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Marketing Tip: Social Media Credibility

Let's talk about CRM: Customer Relationship Management. The largest CRM platform in the world is something you have heard of and probably use yourself. It's called Facebook. It has 1 billion profiles and if your profile is active it knows everything about you: the schools you have attended, who your friends are, what you like, what you dislike, and even what your friends like. It goes deeper and wider than that. Today I am talking about why social media credibility is more important than your company's credit rating, and how to create and maintain that credibility. Whether you are into condo project sales or new car sales or video game sales, this applies equally to you.
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