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Before You Call Your Sales Prospect, Google Them

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B2B Facebook Ad Targeting in 2016


With the advent of social media comes more nuanced ad targeting than ever before. Imagine that every time all your different condo buyers went to the same mall, or went for a walk, they didn't all see the same bus shelter ads or billboards—imagine whatever you saw in these ad spaces is what only that one person sees. An ad just for them, but not their your mailbox or inbox, out there where they're doing your usual thing. That mall, that street, it's called social media and all your customers go there, whether they're real estate investors, condo buyers, new home buyers, anybody. Most of us may be on the same Facebook, for example, but each person's Facebook shows them something different. You can make that work for your sales team. Here are three steps to take when forming your condo social marketing strategy in 2016.

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Marketing Tip: Social Media Credibility

Let's talk about CRM: Customer Relationship Management. The largest CRM platform in the world is something you have heard of and probably use yourself. It's called Facebook. It has 1 billion profiles and if your profile is active it knows everything about you: the schools you have attended, who your friends are, what you like, what you dislike, and even what your friends like. It goes deeper and wider than that. Today I am talking about why social media credibility is more important than your company's credit rating, and how to create and maintain that credibility. Whether you are into condo project sales or new car sales or video game sales, this applies equally to you.
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The Next Big Shift in Sales and Marketing CRM

Back in 2004 when we were working on a project for IntraWest, email databases were the big thing. One property, Keystone, happened to be the best at capturing email addresses by the simple act of circling that field on their form and suggesting to registrants that email is an important thing to provide. We spent a lot of effort analyzing their data and figuring out who was most likely to buy, and we found that leads who spend the most time on a website are most likely to become buyers. It's now 2013 and that process is still good but it's no longer cutting edge. Let me tell you what is.

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4 Big Mistakes: Tips To Improve Your Social Media Sales Cycle

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Top 6 Ways Small Businesses Are Using Social Media

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Top 5 Social Media Blunders To Avoid


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Top 4 Reasons Why Users “Like” Brands on Facebook


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Top 4 Reasons Why Consumer's “Unlike” Your Brand on Facebook

There are over 1 billion users now active on Facebook. That's one in seven people on the planet! With so many active users, it's no wonder that it's important for you to get your message out on Facebook. More importantly, a recent study by Lab42 found that 87% of users “like” brands on Facebook and 50% of users believe that a brand's Facebook page is more useful than a brand's website! Whether you are selling your product directly to the public or providing B2B services, Facebook is crucial in delivering your social media message. Getting on Facebook is easy, however once you're on Facebook, how do you make sure that your consumers won't hit the dreaded “unlike” button? Below are the top 4 reasons why consumer's “unlike” Facebook pages.

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Business Marketing on Facebook for Mobile Users

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